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Welcome to my website

You will find details of the training courses that I offer. 

Courses take place in the DT department at Frome College (BA11 2HQ for those with satnavs) and run from 4-8pm, or Chilcompton Village Hall, which is situated on the south side of the B3139 partway through the village of Chilcompton. Postcode: BA3 4EX, Binegar Memorial Hall.  Postcode: BA3 4TR, or in a host school.

Latest News

30 March 2018 - Click HERE for statement from DATA regarding use of bandsaws by students under 16.

24 March 2018 - Click HERE for a list of tool definitions, from across the pond.

8 Feb 2018 - The two images below are from the BBC programme 'Money for Nothing'.  A cutting disc being used with the guard removed.  A circular saw with riving knife and crown guard removed.


I complained to the BBC and they have replied.

We appreciate your concern and raised this with the production team again.  They have reassured us that going forward they will endeavour to show and make our audience aware of all best practices.

If you watch the programme - see what you can spot.












































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